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CIAUD - Research Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Design


IMG 5328 copyThe Research Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Design (CIAUD) at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon (FA/ULisboa) was founded in 2006 and awarded the classification Excellent by the FCT in 2007.

The Centre, whose work covers a range of themes, is composed of a tightly-knit, multidisciplinary team of 402 researchers (171 full-time staff and 231 collaborators) and the Advisory Board.

The research team consists of members of the teaching staff and PhD students on FA/ULisboa courses and graduates from other schools. The Advisory Board is composed of researchers from outside the CIAUD and FA.





Researcher Area [+ info]  

LAST EVENT IN CIAUD  Portfólio -  [ see more]

News [+ info]

Maria Cabral  -  CIAUD Researcher finalist. Second Manuel de Sola-morales European prize 2019.  
Master Product Design Exhibition [more info]
21th March -  "Colour international Day" - 18h30m -  "O malta"  Rua Carvalho Araújo [more info
14th April - Professor Fernando Moreira da Silva And Rita Almendra in Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo [more info]
Rita Filipe - Exhibition "Traspor a forma prolongar o uso" - Palácio da Ajuda - 20th march - 18h00m [more info]
Balcão 2020 | SAICT-45-2019-02 -  open call  [more info
NEW _ Ciência ID and Ciência Vitae  [more info]

FCT NEWS [+ info]   

FCT  Calendar - You can check the calendars and contests here  more info]
Collaborative Laboratories
  - Call for the attribution of the title of Collaborative Laboratory (CoLAB)  [ + Info


CIAUD schedule 

Heny Christiaans in FA-ULisboa - Conference "Design Research"  20th march [more info]
-  9th April  - FA-ULisboa  [more info
CA2RE - 10th - 11th April - FA-ULisboa [more Info]
MATERIART  -  11th - 12th April  - FA-ULisboa [more info
S2M - 9th - 11th April  _ Manchester University - [more info} 
Luis Paschoarelli - 12th april -  "Design Ergonomico" - FA-ULisboa [more info]
Master Product Design Exhibition  - FA-ULisboa [more info]


OPEN CALL   [+ info]

Open Call for Sabbatical Leave Fellowships (BSAB) [ + Info]
NEW - S2M 2019 -  9th - 11th  2019 April in Manchester -  Call for paper until 25th March  2019 [more info]
NEW - D-TEX -  19th . 21th  July, 2019 -FA-ULisboa [more info]  
NEW - Research & Education in Design Conference 2019 -  14th - 15th  november 2019 - FA-ULisboa  [more info]
NEW - Efood 2019 -  28th - 30th novembro 2019 - FA-ULisboa  [more info]


NEW _ Ciência ID and Ciência Vitae - See what you have to do. Ciència Vitae join - FCT Sig, Degois, Orcid. See here  the Demo video  [video

ciencia VITAE.jpg   

 Image Source: Ciência ID

 under maintenance - 2019, 20th March


LINKS  -  Research 

The  Computação Científica Nacional (FCCN) recently made available a new site sítio na internet - You can See  FCCN  [by FCT]

You can see B-on and RCAAP  in a link below 

índicelogotipo rcaap


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