ARCPLAND [Architecture - Place - Landscape]
Research Group in Architecture, Place and Landscape


- Coordinator Name: Amílcar Gil Pires

- Constitution of the Team:

Effective members of CIAUD:
Amílcar Gil Pires
Ana Santos Guerreiro
Rui Barreiros Duarte
Paulo Pereira
Raffaella Maddaluno
Inês Daniel de Campos
Jorge Bastos
Jorge Cancela
Ana Paula Pinheiro
Maria da Graça Saraiva
- Jorge Firmino Nunes
- Ana Marta Feliciano
- António Leite
- Fernando Ribeiro

Collaborating members of CIAUD:
Alberto Flávio Lopes
Inês Pires Fernandes
Iryna Poloz
Helen Morais
Caio Castro
Ana Cristina Vasconcelos

Members outside CIAUD:
- Ana Cristina Acciaioli Cravo
- Ana Assis Pacheco
- Maria Teresa Caetano
- Gerald Luckurst
- Fábio lavareda
- Viviana Frutuoso
- Ana Rita Jesus


- Presentation, Mission, Objectives and other relevant information:


Research developed in Architecture and Landscape Architecture, in the areas of Architectural Design, Theory, History, Sustainability, and its relationship with the Place, the Heritage and the Landscape.


  • Promote and carry out multidisciplinary research in the fields and areas defined in its mission;
  • Support and welcome projects in progress or to be created by its members and others coordinated by new members who will be integrated into the research group;
  • Publicize and disseminate the results of ongoing research, at national and international events, by publishing scientific articles, publishing books, holding colloquia, conferences, exhibitions, etc.
  • Promote the orientation of master's, doctoral and post-doctoral theses, with a scientific framework in the lines of research adopted by the group.


- List of Projects based in the Research Group:

- “The Place of the Renaissance Villa in Portuguese Architecture” – Amílcar Gil Pires, coordinator;
- “Erudite Residential Architecture of the 18th Century in Rural Space” – Amílcar Gil Pires, coordinator;
- “Designing with the place - Rehabilitation and Contemporary Architectural Intervention for a Sustainable Heritage” – Amílcar Gil Pires, coordinator;
- “Place and Monastic and Conventual Architecture in Rural Context” – Amílcar Gil Pires, coordinator;
- “Modern and Contemporary Architecture as Expression of an Architectural Culture and Values of the Place” – Amílcar Gil Pires, coordinator;
"The Design in Architecture: Towards an Epistemology of Creation Architect" – Rui Barreiros Duarte, coordinator;
- “The body, the house, the place - II” – Ana Santos Guerreiro, coordinator;
- “Modern and Contemporary Architecture with steel structures and the relationship with the Place” – Inês Daniel de Campos, coordinator.
- “Landscape Observatories (LO) as hotspots for landscape understanding and communication. Charneca LO, aiming to be a landmark in the Ribatejo territory”, coordinated by Maria da Graça Saraiva.
- "Cultural Exchanges between Portugal and Europe in the 20th Century", coordinated by Jorge Firmino Nunes.
- "The 'House' as matrix and determinant of the Territory and Sociocultural Identity of the Western Region", coordination of Ana Marta Feliciano and António dos Santos Leite.
- "Theatricality in Architectural Design", coordinated by Fernando Lourenço Ribeiro.
- “Project Prometheus, Totalitarian Architecture in Portugal: The influence of Italian fascist architecture and Nazi architecture: ‘stripped’ neoclassicism and ‘rooted’ modernism”, coordinated by Paulo Pereira.
- “Amores perfeitos. Arts in the Cloister of the Convent of Santa Clara de Portalegre”, coordinated by Ana Cristina Acciaioli Cravo.


- Autonomous Research Group website:

- Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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- Localização: CIAUD – Faculdade de Arquitetura, Universidade de Lisboa
Rua Rolando Sá Nogueira, Polo Universitário - Alto da Ajuda
1349-055 Lisboa, Portugal
Office 4.1.19
Telephone: +351 213 615 097



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