Research Group on Design and Social Sciences 

Grupo de Investigação em Design e Ciências Sociais


Coordinator: Rita Filipe 

To develop research projects, from an interdisciplinary perspective, on design and social sciences, with regard to theoretical research intercepted in the design practice, as well as in the contemporary material and visual culture. To reinforce the articulation between research methodologies from the social sciences and the designer's practice.

We intend to explore and implement interdisciplinary experiences in teaching and research between Design and Social Sciences. To produce more and better knowledge about the different social realities, users, their practices, uses, and relations with objects in everyday life.

To develop collaborative and social design practices. To implement projects and research programs that articulate these two areas at the level of the 2nd and 3rd cycle. To articulate and integrate the dimensions of know-how of the artisan's work, with the know-know and know-how of the designer.

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