<DIV> Design, Interation and  Visualization

Coordinator: Marco Neves

Team: António Maneira; Cristina Pires Santos; Francisco Rebelo; Joana Lessa; Marco Neves; Paulo Noriega; Rita Salomé Esteves

<DIV> is dedicated to the study and research of design projects in interaction, infographics and information visualization. It addresses interferences and consequences these areas can cause in professional and educational fields, creating knowledge to share with several academic and social actors.

At the same time, it tries to redefine design limits through unconventional practices and processes, in a close relationship between information, technology and science.

The group is directed to exploratory and descriptive research, but also applied research, using practice based methods.
Contributions are aimed at strategies of social, economic, technological and pedagogical development, combining new and traditional media that balance 'digital transformation' required by companies and public services, with tangible outputs.


update june  22, 2018