Research Group on Architecture and Lusophone Dwelling Spaces



Hugo L. Farias


Research Team:

Effective Researchers at CIAUD:

Hugo L. Farias, João Sousa Morais, José Jorge Boueri, Fernando Moreira da Silva, Michel Toussaint, Joana B. Malheiro, Paulo Almeida, Maria da Graça Moreira, José Luís Crespo.


Collaborating Researchers at CIAUD:

Alessandra Gobbi Santos, Ana Silva Moreira, Arthur J. Macedo, Bruno Ferraz, Catiele Lima, Célia Gomes, César R. Canova, Filipe Brandão Carmo, Inês M. Ramalhete, João Carrola Gomes, Lidiane Batista, Lúcia Nascimento, Raíssa A. Gameleira, Walber Pereira Filho.



Lab.i.Arq, Research Group on Architecture and Lusophone Dwelling Spaces is a unit of the Center for Research in Architecture, Urbanism and Design (CIAUD) of the Lisbon School of Architecture of the University of Lisbon (FAULisboa). The Group is constituted as a multidisciplinary team, composed of FAUL Professors and Researchers, as well as FAUL Doctoral and Master's Students, who develop research in the research area.

The Group seeks to: develop research projects on the theme of Dwelling Spaces in the Lusophonia; collaborate on projects developed by other researchers, teams and research groups, to which the group can contribute, through knowledge on the defined theme; host individual research projects developed by its members or collaborators in this line of knowledge and research; develop a network of relationships with centers, research groups and researchers, national and international, with common or complementary interests, and who can participate in the projects developed, as collaborators or consultants.

Its main objective is to develop research in Architecture, focusing on the Dwelling Spaces, in their multiple scales, dimensions and readings, in the Lusophone Countries: Portugal, Brazil, and other Portuguese speaking countries.


Updated on 12 October 2020