MURBS - metropolitan studies and forms of urbanisation research group

Metropolitan Areas and Forms of Urbanisation Study Group

The main objectives of the “Murbs: Metropolitan Areas and Forms of Urbanisation Study Group” are to develop research activities within the field of urbanism which focus on themes specifically related to issues concerning metropolitan areas and urban space, including the study of their morphology, origins, processes of change, planning and urban design.

The team includes teaching staff and researchers with previous research experience in these areas, particularly the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and comparative studies of phenomena associated with extensive urbanisation in various cities. The group provides continuity for the various research activities of its members, using the complementarity of their academic backgrounds to stimulate the development of new contributions to scientific knowledge in these areas.

The current research projects are:
- [1940-2011]: Forms of metropolitan space production in Lisbon
- COST, Gender, Science, Technology and Environment – genderSTE
- Recursos Mínimos/Minimal Resources.