Research Group - REDES


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Grupo de Investigação REDES 

Coordinator: Rita Almendra 

Team: Fernando Moreira da Silva, Gonçalo Falcão, Pedro Cortesão Monteiro, Bruna Ruschel Moreira, Inês Veiga, Ana Cristina Dias, João Ferreira, Sara Antunes, Natália Plentz.

REDES (Research and Education in Design) research group seeks to connect ongoing master’s and doctoral studies that focus on teaching and research in Design with the research that is done by the advisors of these projects and that deal with their own teaching and research practice. In this way, the teaching and research of Design in its contents, methodologies and didactics is constantly questioned and a permanent and thorough evaluation is made.

The evaluation is based on empirical studies, surveys and interviews, and focusses on teaching/learning in Design including teaching of research in Design, its themes, framework, methodologies and results. The group will also seek to diagnose and propose solutions for a consistent relationship between the teaching cycles and between academia and society.

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