Coordinator: Professor Doutor Luis Mateus 

The 3D Scanning Lab is a unit within the FA which offers a range of equipment that can be used in three-dimensional scanning processes. It was created after the equipment was acquired for the research project PTDC/AUR/66476/2006, funded by the FCT.

The laboratory was set up by the CIAUD “ArcHC_3D: Documentation and Conservation and Restoration Studies” research group. The project also involved acquiring experience and know-how in handling the equipment.

Its main mission is to support research work in the field of three-dimensional scanning applied to conservation, architecture and design, in addition to other possible areas.

The following equipment is available:
a) 3D FARO – Focus 3D laser scanner
b) Aerial photography system consisting of a helium balloon and photographic component
c) Aerial photography system (mast).



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