Ergonomics Lab

The Ergonomics Lab was created within the FMH/Ulisboa at the end of the 1980s with the aim of providing support for research and work developed by students during traineeships. In recent years it has also played a role in integrating Master's and PhD students into existing ergonomics research projects and in responding to requests for collaboration in research with other universities and, consequently, projects funded by the European Community and the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. Within this context, the mission of the Ergonomics Lab has been to develop theoretical and applied research to the study of human interaction, with a view to optimising production systems and consumer products.

The structuring of the ergonomics research, based on the chosen paths of the researchers, has led to the establishment of three main areas of investigation:
- optimisation of human interaction,
- health and safety at work,
- workload and work capacity.

The Ergonomics Lab research unit — ErgoVR — was created as the result of research projects developed within the field of optimising human interaction.



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