The Colour Lab provides FA teaching staff and researchers and external users with the opportunity to use two areas dedicated to the study and use of colour and light in experimentation, analysis, measurement and the application of light and colour to objects and spaces destined for human interaction, comfort and use:

- EXPER-CROMA – Colour and Space Perception Experimental Module, managed by Dr. Maria João Durão
- MED-CROMA – Chromatic Measurement and Analysis Module, managed by Dr. João Pernão.

The Colour Lab serves the following purposes:

a) To promote study and experimentation in the field of colour and light;
b) To disseminate the resulting knowledge;
c) To promote the exchange of activities, leading to a deeper scientific understanding of colour and light;
d) To provide the academic community (teaching staff, students, FA researchers) and other interested parties with the appropriate space and resources for the study and practical application of colour and light.

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