Chromatic Measurement and Analysis Module

This objective of this area of the Colour Lab is to provide complementarity between theoretical content and experimentation in the analysis, measurement and application of light and colour to objects and spaces destined for human interaction, comfort and use.

It offers the use of laboratory equipment which includes a light box calibrated and certified in accordance with international EIC standards, a spectrocolorimeter and NCS colour boxes and samples. It also provides equipment and materials developed by Dr. João Pernão, including the DISMECOR-Perceptual Colour Measurement Device (FA patented), RGB boxes for comparing light in different colours, and a device for measuring the geometrical and geographical relationship between observer/surface/light source.

MED-CROMA is designed for use by students, teaching staff and FA researchers from the various courses and specialist areas, as well as external users working in the field of light and chromatic phenomena.

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