António CastelBranco


ORCID: 0000-0001-8766-558X

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Curriculum Vitae


Pdf's and Presentations

Theoretical and Methodological Contribution to the Sustainability of the Architecture and Planning

O indicador de emissões de CO2 como ferramenta de projecto de planeamento e de aferição de sustentabilidade

Baku State Univ poster

Possibility of the implementation of the principle of sustainable development in the sphere of coals processing

CO2 emissions as a tool for sustainability in urban planning

Contributo para teorização da sustentabilidade da arquitectura e do planeamento territorial 

Conferencia Yarat poster

Coordinators meeting - INFINITY

Coordinators meeting - RETHINK

Coordinators meeting - TEMPO

Programa TEMPUS - Proj RETHINK