Anabela Maria Lopes Madeira Becho


Researcher since: 2016

Anabela Becho lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal. She is a fashion researcher CIAUD and a PhD candidate and guest lecturer at FAUL/University of Lisbon. She is the author of the chapers Kindred Spirits: The Radical Poetry of Japanese and Belgian Designers (Fashion Game Changers, Bloomsbury, 2016); The Whole World – António Lagarto’s Costumes and Fashion (De Matrix a Bela Adormecida, INCM, 2015); Moda e Costumes – L’Air du Temps (Jogo da Glória – O Século XX Malvisto pelo Desenho de Humor, Museu da Presidência, 2012). She has written for several publications including: Relance, Vogue Portugal, Doze, ELLE, GQ, Ícon, Número, Arte Capital, Up Magazine, Blitz. Since 2011, she holds the position of Fashion Conservator at MUDE - Museu Design e da Moda, Coleção Francisco Capelo. In 2017, she presented her PhD topic research at the New Research Conference organized by The Association of Dress Historians and held at the University of Brighton. In 2016, she participated in the panel discussion Game Changers/MOMU (Antwerp). In 2015, she curated the exhibition Kaleidoscope - The Couture of Christian Lacroix; and co-curated the exhibitions Iconoclasts’80 (2014), Unique and Multiple (2014), Tell me what you like...and I’ll tell you who you are (2012). In 2011, Anabela Becho was awarded the fashion prize for Best Press Communication at the Fashion Awards, Fashion TV Portugal.


Projeto de investigação: Suspending Time in Fashion - On Grès, Contemplating Dress, and Glimpses of the Sublime

ORCID: 0000-0002-7200-0283

 Curriculum Vitae



Becho, AnaBela 2017.Contemplating a Madame Grès Dress to Reflect on Time and Fashion". The Journal of Dress History. Volume I, Issue 2, Autumn 2017.Published by The Association of Dress Historians. ISSN 2515–0995 pp.2-13

Madeira, A. 2016. "Kindred Spirits: The Radical Poetry of Japanese and Belgian Designers", Fashion Game Changers, Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (2016)

Madeira, A. 2015. "O Mundo Todo. Os Figurinos de António Lagarto e a Moda" / "The Whole World. António Lagarto's Costumes and fashion", António Lagarto – De Matrix a Bela Adormecida, INCM Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda /CML / MUDE / Turismo de Portugal (2015).


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