Maria João Bravo Lima Nunes Delgado

foto maria joao bravo lima nunes delgado

CIAUD Researcher since 2009 

Maria João Bravo Lima Nunes Delgado holds a PhD in design from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon (FAUL) and a master's degree in educational and multimedia communication from Open University of Lisbon (Universidade Aberta). She has a degree in Architecture from the School of Fine Arts in Lisbon (ESBAL) since 1983.

The main theme of the doctoral research was the relationship between the design of environments in the museological spaces and access to cognition, having received a grant from the Science and Technology Foundation between 2009 and 2013 (SFRH / BD / 46669/2008).

Since 2014, as lecturer at the FAUL, in the Architecture and Design courses within the Architecture, Urbanism and Design Technologies Department. Been working as Erasmus' institutional scientific coordinator for FAUL since July 2017.

Earlier, having been working in full time as an Assistant Professor at The Higher Institute of Educational Sciences (ISCE), since 1988 till 2017, in the artistic expression field and as coordinator of the Blended Learning department of this institution. Also worked as an invited Assistant Professor at the João de Deus Highter School of Education (ESEJD), where teaching didactics and methodology of artistic expressions.

Having produced some articles in books, in scientific magazines and book chapters. Her research interests are related to creative processes in design, environmental design, museography and methodologies for materials and learning technologies

Research Project: 
Communication Strategies in the context of visual reeducation of Dyslexics
Strategic vision of the teaching of Materials and Technologies in the courses of Architecture and Design in Portugal

Curriculum Vitae



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