Filipa Almeida Veloso Malho Rodrigues

Foto Filipa Malho

Researcher since: 2017

Filipa graduated in Fashion Design from the School of Architecture of Lisbon, and also jewellery course at Contacto Directo . 
In 2008 she was the winner of Young Artists contest, Jovens Criadores 2008. 
Her experience passed by several areas from costumes for film and theater, to become the 1st assistant and as designer Manager for Christophe Sauvat company, among other collaborations.
Interest in fashion and urban art led her also to be present in the area of editorial magazines such as RUAmag. This project which she was also the founder, and that in 2011, was among the 100 best independent online magazines. 
At the moment she divides her time between teaching and working for her own brand, LINE launched at the end of 2013.


Research project: Os géneros e ciclo de vida do produto no universo da moda

Curriculum Vitae


Updated 8/5/2018