Rute Andreia Lourenço Gomes

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Researcher since  2016

Rute Gomes was born in Lisbon in 1977. Took an Arts Degree at ESAD – Caldas da Rainha in 2001. During the last year of her licentiate’s degree her work started focusing on the development of functional objets, and that context she won the Gulbenkian award for the young designer 2000 contest, with the two projects she applied with. She was invited to develop a Mater degree by Ron Arad in Design Products department at the Royal College of Art, which the concluded at 2004, with the Ruth Drew prize for the best female student. In London her work was shown in some colective design exhibitions like, Blame the Tool promoted by Hammerson or Detour, promoted by Gulbenkian. At 2005 her work was shown in the Itererant exhibition The European Design Show by the Design Museum.

Back in Portugal at 2005, she developed her designer’s work and was comissioned for some exhibitions as: TAP airlines 60th birthday celebration, Transit comissioned by Plano 21. Has colaborated in various scenic projects with Atelier de Santos.
In 2007 she opens the company Rute Gomes, Product Design, where she works for various clients as TAPME, Instituto para a Conservação da Natureza e Biodiversidade and Atelier de Santos. Still in 2007 she starts teaching at a Design and product development degree at Escola Superior de Tecnologia de Abrantes do Instituto Politécnico de Tomar, and in 2008 she starts also teaching in theDesign e Tecnologias de Produto’s degree at Escola Superior Aveiro Norte from Universidade de Aveiro.

She took a pause from the teaching activity from 2012 to 2017 to focus exclusively in the development of a PHD in Design at Faculdade de Arquitura da Universidade de Lisboa. Her thesis is entitled Furniture Design for a Flexible use of Dwellings; Framework, functional requests, and Prototype. She has been comunicating the achieved results in the Academia context.
Actually, she is teaching at Universidade Lusiada Norte at Design degree, and keeps working on her design research.


Research Project: Furniture Design for a Flexible use of the Dwelling - Part II

ORCID: 0000-0002-4315-4910

 Curriculum Vitae

Poderá consultar as publicações em:  Academia   e  Researchgate



Gomes, Rute; Pedro, João Branco; Freitas, Maria João; Almendra, Rita (2015) - Space use conflicts in cramped dwellings A comprehensive analysis of Portuguese households, em ENHR Lisboa 2015 Conference, ISCTE - Lisbon University Institute, julho.

Gomes, Rute; Pedro, João Branco; Almendra, Rita (2015) - Furniture design for a flexible use of dwellings, em Sustainable Development Symposium SDS 2015, FAUL junho.

Gomes, Rute, Francisco Joana (2013); Mobiliário doméstico - Habitação como interface para uma família em constante mudança, em Designa 2013 - Interface, UBI Covilhã, 21-23 novembro 2013

Francisco, Joana, Gomes, Rute (2013); Equipamento urbano – interface na cidade de Todos para todos; comunicação em Designa 2013 - Interface, UBI, Covilhã, 21-23 novembro.

Pedro, J Branco, Boueri, J. Jorge, Vasconcelos, Leonor, Monteiro, Mara, Jerónimo, Catarina, Gomes, Rute e Scoaris, Rafael (2012) - Habitação Mínima e Qualidade de Vida, em Jornadas LNEC – Engenharia para a Sociedade, Investigação e Inovação. Cidades e Desenvolvimento. LNEC, Lisboa, 18-20 junho.


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