Francisco Ribeiro Costa

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Francisco António Ribeiro da Costa, graduated in architecture from the School of Architecture of Lisbon in 1985. PhD from the University of Salford (UK) in 2001, specializing in the discipline of Urban Design. Intensively participated in seminars and lectures, emphasizing, in 1994, the "Ibero-American Architects Meeting”, exposing projects. Also in 1994, intervened in the preparatory meetings of the "Local Agenda 21" in Brussels. Representing Portugal in 1996, in the Congress of CAI (Consejo Academico Ibero-americano).

In 1997, in the preparatory meetings of the aid package for the preservation of European cultural heritage (European Parliament). Participated, presenting papers at international seminars in Portugal (2004, 2009, 2011, 2013), Argentina (2010) and Mexico (2011, 2013) and has published book chapters in Mexico (2012 and 2013). Participated in architectural competitions, especially in 1988, the development plan of the University of Évora. Also in 1988, the project of restoration and rehabilitation of the house Cordovil (Évora).

In 1989, the development plan of the UTL (Lisbon). Or, in 1990, the design of the Master Plans of Polo II and III of UBI. Also in 1990, the proposal of an educational facility for the University of Minho, or in 1993, the design competition for the "EXPO - 98". In 2009 and 2010, two factories, buildings and collective housings. In 2013 starts the design race track for "drags racing". Developed his academic career, teaching since 1988 especially the discipline of "Architectural Design".

ORCID: 0000-0001-8279-5393