João Pedro Costa


Researcher since: 2010

João Pedro T. A. Costa (Lisbon, 1970) is an Architect (TU Lisbon, 1993), Master on Contemporary Architectonic Culture (TU Lisbon, 1998) and PhD on Urbanism (TU Catalonia, Barcelona, 2007). He has as pos-PhD on Architecture and Urbanism (TU Lisbon, 2011) and a habilitation to full professor (Agregação) in Urbanism (ULisbon, 2012).

He is Professor of Urbanism at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon, where he develops his teaching, research and expertise activity, and member of the Direction Board of the CIAUD – Research Centre of Architecture, Urbanism and Design, as well as Visiting Professor at the Barcelona University (PhD Program). He is also the director of the Portuguese professional journal Arquitecturas, since 2005.
From 2002 to 2004 he was advisor and head of cabinet of the Portuguese Secretary of State for Spatial Planning. Maintaining a general interest in urban and territorial planning issues, his current areas of research are waterfronts, climate change adaptation, urban morphology and urban regeneration.


Research Project:
Urbanized Estuaries and Deltas, contemporary agendas and international networks
Discussing the City: urbanism, urban management and development in Lisbon

ORCID: 0000-0002-6069-7052 



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