Emanuel Augusto Meneses dos Santos


Researcher since: 2017

Born in 1975 in Oporto city, Emanuel Augusto Meneses dos Santos graduated in 1999 from the Faculty of Architecture | Lisbon Technical University.
The need to keep professional results to the level of posed challenges, and the awareness of knowledge recycling importance, lead to the frequency of Urban and Environmental Regeneration Master by the Lisbon Technical University in 2005.

Having served as Municipal Director for Strategic Actions and Projects in the Municipality of Barreiro, position that allowed the coordination of several projects in Urban Regeneration, waterfront, industrial and urban areas, sees the work quality in which he was involved recognized through selection of several projects in national and international context: - The international application (MAPIC Awards, 2009) for the Barreiro CBD Regeneration project; - Recognition of POLIS Barreiro Waterfront project (Landscape Architecture National Awards, 2010); Recognition of business environment promotion - Barreiro Center Regeneration (IAPMEI, 2011); Footbridges in Alburrica - Public Space Qualification(IHRU – Urban Rehabilitation and Housing Institute, 2015).

At the same time, the responsibility of strategic development led to the continuous improvement of work with impact on Barreiro riverfront and build partnerships for riverside Regeneration under European funds 2007-2013, with the objective of economic, social, environmental and tourism development.

This experience leads to the desire to deepen the urban issues and research that translates into the present development of research for a PhD thesis at the Architecture Faculty of Lisbon University.

Curriculum Vitae


Research Project: Vazios Urbanos enquanto alicerces para a qualificação da cidade - Reconhecimento morfologico para a sua integração e gestão

Updated on June 29, 2017