João Luis Silva Jordão


Researcher since: 2013

Research Project: Local Administration and the Right to the City



"Do People Dream of Radio Centric Cities (as urbanists often do)? Opportunities and Dangers of Contemporary Urban Utopias and Dystopias" Conference: TICYUrb (Abstract published, article published) TICYUrb, Lisbon. Eds. Henriques, Carolina. First Edition, November of 2018. ISBN: ISBN: 978-972-8048-33-4.

"The Sliding Puzzle Model for Scaling-Up Cities: How equitable and just urban development and growth initiatives can be made possible by State-enforced mandatory quotas of empty urban spaces" Conference: Critical Practice in an Age of Complexity (Conference - Tucson, Arizona, USA, 22nd of February of 2018). Article published). Publication: AMPS Proceedings Series 12. Eds. Cairns, Graham; Bean, Jonathan; Dickinson, Susannah and Ida, Aletheia. ISSN 2398-9467

"Beyound Self-Hating Urbanism - Identifying a Common Pathology" Conference: PHI 2018, Ponta Delgada. (Article published). Modernity, Frontiers and Revolutions. Eds. Kong, Mario S. Ming and Montes, Mario do Rosário. CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, London. ISSN: 2161-3907.


Updated on January 17, 2018