The main mission of the CIAUD is to promote the advancement of scientific, technological and artistic knowledge in the fields of architecture, urbanism, design and ergonomics, interacting with other disciplinary areas.
The executive side of the CIAUD centres on the Commission, which consists of the President and the coordinators of its four core departments.
The CIAUD also includes the FA/ULisboa Publications Centre and it works in close collaboration with the Consultancy Services Centre (CPS), Technology Transfer Office (GETCPI) and FA Incubator.


  • Create a critical body of work and foster interaction between the various scientific areas of the FA/ ULisboa, providing a framework for cutting-edge teaching whilst also contributing towards economic and social development.
  • Task to help researchers identify sources of funding, produce research proposals and manage fundamental and applied research projects in emerging areas.
  • Promotes the establishment of partnerships between public and private national and foreign entities such as companies, research centres, laboratories, foundations, state institutions, local authorities and non-governmental organisations, involving research work, training and the dissemination of knowledge in the form of conferences, seminars and exhibitions, amongst other activities.
  • The CIAUD maintains close links with the FA Master's and PhD courses and post-doctoral studies, providing support for students who are developing research projects. It also provides stimulus for the work of these young researchers by deepening and extending their research fields, both through collective projects and by supervising individual research.


Future strategy

The CIAUD invests in continuity for the support it provides for research in its key areas, framed within its four core departments and their respective lines of research, both principal and transversal. It intends to reinforce trans- and interdisciplinary work, not only within the research centre itself, but also with similar national and international bodies, particularly those which are part of the University of Lisbon. To this end, it will promote support for projects undertaken as partnerships, linked to society and the business and industrial fabric.
The main work of the CIAUD will centre on providing direct support for collective and individual projects and research projects developed within the framework of PhD courses at the FA/ULisboa.

Main objectives

  • Combine and connect the work of its researchers, whether full or part time;
  • Foster the creation of groups with shared lines of inquiry, interests and methodologies;
  • Establish links and complementarities and manage scientific and operational synergies;
  • Support the dissemination of the results of research work in national and international scientific meetings and in the lingua francas of scientific production (particularly English);
  • With a clear globalising purpose, promoting collective and institutional visibility in its search for competitiveness and affirmation of excellence;
  • Reinforce the importance of the Portuguese language and Portuguese production, given that this is acquiring greater significance in today's world;
  • It will therefore continue to provide regular support for the publication of peer-reviewed articles with an impact factor in national and international journals, and for the dissemination of results in national and international conferences, the publication of books and the organisation of seminars and conferences.

The CIAUD will continue to support quality projects involving the creation of prototypes and the registration of ideas or patents, as well as the creation of new laboratories and the acquisition of new equipment essential to the implementation of its research projects and the challenges presented by current research. In addition, supporting the creation of start-ups and encouraging the business incubator is another Centre strategy.