Workshop Lab


Mission – To provide students a space of work and specialized technical supervision for the execution of their mock ups, scale models and prototypes for the areas of architecture, urbanism or design.

Vision – The Workshop Centre is a service of the Lisbon School of Architecture that provides exclusive equipped facilities destined for specialized technical supervision in the areas of metalwork, woodwork and ceramics. The training of students through the culture of knowing is set apart, later on, in the labour market by means of technical and material experience, ruled by rigour of execution and the creativity that is reflected in the presentation of mock ups, models and/or prototypes representative of their architecture, urbanism or design projects.

About – The Workshop Centre is a part of the Lisbon School of Architecture’s structure since its beginning. The support given to the practical component of the architecture, urbanism and design studies is an added value in the students’ training and a differentiating factor in comparison to other higher education institutions. We seek to respond to the necessities of students with a wide, organized and functional workspace in accordance with the three large technical areas: metalwork, woodwork and ceramics. We also have a multipurpose area, where it is possible to work with materials such as polystyrene, cardboard and fiberglass. All areas are equipped with manual and electrical tools and with bench equipment destined for each of them. The Workshop Centre technicians provide all the necessary support and supervision for the execution of mock ups, models and/or prototypes, and for the resolution of technical problems. This partnership allows students to also develop their communication, argumentation and decision skills within a practice-based context, and of consequent actions of their ideas, making them closed to the reality of the labour market.

The Workshop Centre is a place of learning, experimentation, development, execution and testing! It is the culture of know-how!

The daily challenges presented by students increase the motivation of this dynamic team that is committed in the training of future professionals.


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